Tax Services

We are Experienced Tax Preparation Professionals

Our professional team of experts has prepared hundreds of complex business and individual tax returns. Let us help you get your individual taxes done the right way! Millions of taxpayers every year miss out on larger refunds because of small details missed on their tax return. Are you one of them?

Electronic Experience: Fax/Email (Never have to leave your home to file Taxes)
Are you are looking for hassle free service for preparing your return? Then we have the “Electronic Experience” have your return prepared. You can either fax or email the information required to file your return. Once your return is complete, We will call or email you a refund statement before submitting to the IRS. After you review your refund statement ,we can send your paperwork to be docusign on your smart phone or you come in to sign your paperwork.

Prior Year/Amended Tax Returns
We can assist you with filing prior year returns if you have failed to file in previous years. As part of current year preparation we review you prior return for free and can assist you with amending the return if we find any errors. In our experience we have noticed significantly high percentage of errors in prior returns prepared by specific competitors. Our firm can identify those errors, correct them and file for a refund for you.

Tax Preparation Services
• Individual Tax Preparation
• Business Tax Return Preparation
• Out-of-State Returns ( All 50 States)